The top 10 Reasons life gets BETTER after 30!!!!!

To some of you, this thought may be insane. But when you work in a creative field, 30 seems to be some weird magic number of impending doom. The music business is brutal. It's feast or famine and it's even harder on the ladies. I know, because I am one. But the ONE thing I was most surprised about were the comments I got about my career after I turned the big 30!

"You have a window, you really need to think about that". 

"It's not gonna get any easier with your age".

"Have you considered lying about your age"?

Yes, these are things people have said to me. Not behind my back, but to my face. No joke.

One of the things I love about our song "Save Myself" is the lyric in the bridge.

Save myself for something right

Save myself for something better

Save myself from all the lies

Save myself for my forever

God has called us to be in this world but not of it. Part of that calling is living in the truth of our creator. The truth of HIS word. Not the worlds word. The truth about what God says about us. What God says about our calling, our lives and our desires. And none of it says your life is over when you turn 30. In fact, the best years of Jesus's ministry were the years after he was 30 years old. I could name half a dozen figures in the bible, who's lives and ministries didn't begin until that tender age.

So, I refuse to believe that my life is over because I am not 24. I also refuse to believe that God is finished with me, just because of my age. 

Here are my top 10 reasons you get better after 30!!!!


1.  I care a lot less about what other people think now than I used to.

2. I am not afraid to be creative and push the boundaries of my own abilities.

3. That being said, I know my own limitations. There is SO much freedom in that. I am NEVER gonna be Beyonce or Lady Gaga. I've made Peace. Now I can move on, and just be ME!

4. I have a little girl. She is watching every move I make. Being her mother, makes me a better artist and a better writer. Those little eyes are a lot to live up to. I became a mom at 30.

5. I can let go. God is watching me. He is my creator. He is my father. HE is my BOSS. I am ok with that. It stinks being in control all the time. I like knowing that I don't have to!

6. Wine.  Guitars. Architecture.  Love.  Blue Jeans.  Landscape. Humans. ALL get better with TIME. Just sayin'.

7. I am better at managing my time. I have so much less of it so I have to make the time I have to work on my passions count !

8. I am not afraid to sacrifice. There is a time to sew and a time to reap. I have had enough experience now to know this is the truth. The times of sewing don't scare me like they used to because I know there is a harvest on the other side.

9. I am not a slave to the music business anymore.

10. I love music more now, than I did the day I moved to Nashville. I am old enough to be grateful to have the ability to create. Every single person I work with, I cannot believe that they want to work with me. Life begins with gratitude. I am grateful for every song I get to sing. Every lyric I get to write. I am not owed another day or another opportunity. That is ok. It allows me to live in the moment. There is so much freedom in that.